Smart Screen Gutter Guards


Do you need Smart Screen Gutter Guards?

Eavestroughs serve a valuable purpose in the home. They allow rain water to move carefully away from the foundation. But what happens when leaves and debris block them? In these cases water will overflow and the eavestroughs will no longer serve its function! But instead of tediously cleaning the eavestroughs yourself, why not use Smart Screen Gutter Guards!

Why Smart Screen Gutter Guards?

Smart Screen Gutter Guards are the only Gutter Guards approved by Mike Holmes! They fasten on the front and the back of your eavestroughs and fascia, meaning they won’t shift around like most guards on the market. They’re also made of aluminum, meaning they won’t rust or rot! In fact we’re so confident that we back it up with a 20 year lifetime warranty!

Why choose House Lift?

House Lift is an officially licensed installer of Smart Screen Gutter Guards, the only gutter guards approved by Mike Holmes! Having your Smart Screen Gutter Guards installed by House Lift means you’ll be covered under the 20 year lifetime warranty! We will professionally install the Smart Screen for you, so you can enjoy your weekend!

Our Guarantee

House lift is confident in our workmanship, so we offer a full year of free servicing on the Smart Screen Gutter Guards! We are also able to offer you a 20 year lifetime warranty on the life of the product as well! Contact us today for a free complimentary estimate!

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